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With a career in analytics, you are always guaranteed to have a job! While many jobs are moving towards automation, companies across the world still rely on human data analysts and scientists to make decisions that affect their bottom line.

Jump on this opportunity before it’s too late! There is a shortage of data specialists across the country, but not many people know it. It's never too late for a career change, and anyone can learn these skills!

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The TOP 5 reasons that a career in Digital Analytics will make you an invaluable asset to any company. 
Core Skills that Hiring Managers and recruiters look for in an ideal candidate
The skills you need to master to set you up for success as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.
Analytics in action: Learn about how major industries are using Data Analytics to drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction
The tools of the trade: Learn how SAS, R, Python, Tableau, QlikView and MS Excel are changing the way companies interact with customers to shift their strategies.

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