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Beginners guide to Career in Analytics!

Learn how to read data and take advantage of the growing demand now!

Whether you're looking to launch your first career initiative or you are looking to enhance your library of skills, we offer an extensive range of data analysis courses to skyrocket your career in analytics!

All courses come with 2 days trial period. If you are not satisfied with course then just email us and we will refund it.

Learn what's in demand

More and more organisations are recognising the need of data driven decision making. Demand for trained data professionals to create 300,000 new jobs by 2025.

Learn at your own pace

Learn in your own comfortable setting. Make the most of the learning aids such as - e-books, quizzes, and exercises to maximise your learning experience.

Regular content updates

A team of experts is regularly updating the existing course content as well as introducing new courses.

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"I was searching the internet about building career in data analytics and came across one of the blogs published by Analytics Leap. It inspired me in exploring further in this area and took the yearly subscription to develop my knowledge on popular analytics tools. Really happy with the way courses have been designed for new starters."
"I’m loving the Analytics leap platform, instructors are really quick in answering back and content is also easy to understand. I have never worked in analytics field but wanted to move my career into this field therefore thought to learn some more advanced excel skill and programming language like R."
"The financial and time investments are well rewarded, really satisfied with my enrolled courses. Awesome thing is that these guys are always there to help you and are very professional. I would suggest please launch Python course as well on your platform because I want to learn that as well. Overall, I am a happy student."
"Excellent experience with the subscription purchase!! Courses content is easy to understand and very detailed. The best thing is that whenever I ask any question I get reply back within couple of hours. keep up the good work!!"

Why Analytics Leap!

- Clear Explanation
- Expert Instructors
- Learn Anywhere (mobile ready platform)
- Learn by doing
- Unlimited Access

Choosing the right data analytics training platform can be confusing. Let’s save you the hassles and get you started in no time. From our extensive range of courses, you'll master the skills you need to establish a successful analytics career. Watch this video to learn more about us!
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