Python for data science and visualization

Complete Python data science course - beginner to expert in data analysis and visualization - Pandas, Numpy and MatPlotLib
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Python for Data Science and Visualization

Why Should I learn Python?
Python programming language is currently fuelling scientific programming, but this wasn’t always the case. For years academic scholars and private researchers were using the MATLAB language for scientific research. That all started to change with the release of Python numerical computation engines such as NumPy. allowing complex calculations to be done by a single “import” statement followed by a function call.

Slowly but surely, Python started to take over as the preferred language for data analytics and machine learning.

Python is the future of Artificial Intelligence.
Given the flexibility of the language, its speed, and the machine learning functionality, we’ll continue to see Python dominate the machine learning landscape.
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What will I learn

  • Overview of Python
  • Installing and Starting Python
  • Writing your first Python program
  • Variables, Keywords and Data Types
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Built in Functions
  • List, dictionary, tuple and set data type
  • Flow control statements
  • File Input and Output (I/O)
  • Object oriented programming
  • Errors and Exception handling
  • Regular Expressions in Python (RegEx)
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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Course Features

Self paced learning modules designed by experts
Each module consists of exercises/quizzes to practice concepts learned
Life long access to videos, quizzes, exercises and all learning tools within the course
Get your queries and doubts clarified with the course instructor

Courses Curriculum

Frequently asked questions

When does the course begin?

This class is self paced. You can begin whenever you like and then follow your own pace. It's a good idea to set goals for yourself to make sure you stick with the course.

How long will the course be available?

This class will always be available!

Can I skip individual videos? What about entire lessons?

Yes! The point is for you to learn what YOU need (or want) to learn. If you already know something, feel free to skip ahead. If you ever find that you're confused, you can always go back and watch something that you skipped.

What should I do while I'm watching the videos?

Learn actively! You will retain more of what you learn if you take notes, draw diagrams, make notecards, and actively try to make sense of the material.

Are there any pre-requsities for the course?

There are no real pre-requsities apart from you having basic computer literacy, access to internet and MS Excel software

What are the payment options?

You can pay for individual courses as well as subscribe to our online learning school to get instant access to all published courses. You can pay using credit or debit card, we use Stripe as the payment gateway. All card and payment information is processed securely and we do not save any of your personal details 
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