The Big Leap:Thinking of a career shift in data analytics?

September 18, 2017

The evolution in technology has kick started a revolution in the digital space. No longer can businesses afford complacency. The cut throat competition has left no room for even the slightest of error. A single error in judgment and the business will see itself knocked out of the competition. This is the main reason why businesses are leaving no stones unturned. They are employing themselves with compressive processes and systems that deliver the exact preset goals

Analytics is the need of the hour. Businesses strive and prosper based on insights received from analytics. And why not? Businesses that utilize analytics stand a strong chance of survival in the tightly competitive business environment. According to the International Institute for Analytics, businesses that deploy analytics will witness $430 billion in productivity benefits as compared to competitors who do not use analytics. Even the slightest competitive edge and a company is far ahead from its competitors.

It isn’t hard to guess that analytics paves way for businesses. With constantly evolving technology, the analytics industry is predicted to be a big industry in the coming years. The International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that worldwide revenue for big data and business analytics will grow to more to more than $ 203 billion by 2020. The benefits of which are massive and the future is bright and the industry is booming. What does this indicate? That a career in data analytics will be lucrative.

It is a right career choice not only for a fresher but also for someone who plans make a shift.
If you are willing to switch and desire a career the following will help you:
With every company and research firm employing analytics for rapid and strong decision making a career in analytics was never so valuable. With many e-commerce portals and online business setting up the scope of analytics is far reaching. Switching to a career in data analytics will prove to be a wise decision as the requirement for data analysts is widely growing. So let’s look at how you will have to go about switching your career
First ask yourself do you have the necessary skill set that will encourage and support your decision to choose an alternate career path. Are you ready to invest your time in learning the tools and programming languages?

Skills required for data analysts

Problem solving attitude: Deriving conclusions and getting insights from huge data sets requires a problem solving attitude.
Critical thinking and analysis skills: It is imperative for analysts to think about the problem and find multiple solutions.

Effective communication skills: After the inferences and conclusions are drawn from the chunk of data they need to present in a systematic manner. Effective communication skill will give you an added advantage.
Mathematical and statistical aptitude: When we talk about analytics a good analyst has a strong foundation in mathematics: Calculus, algebra, probability, statistics.

The results of analysis can be used to make rapid decisions, change practices or use it to ensure customer satisfaction.
Programming skills: A compressive and thorough understand of knowledge of programming languages will give you an edge over the competition. According to results from the KDnuggets poll 91% of the respondents use R, Python, SAS, and SQL.
Mastery over the programming languages will ease your chances of a steep growth in the field of analytics. Knowledge of excel will also be of utmost use.

If you find your capabilities match to the list of skills then the switch won’t be that arduous.
Understand and learn the tools: Simply speaking your current work experience won’t count when stepping into analytics. But worry not your career switch will happen seamlessly you equip yourself with the tools and programming languages. Learning will prepare you for the big leap.
Many professional institutes offer online courses and many blogs are available that will ease your understanding and guide you in the right manner. Many professionals share their knowledge and following them clears many doubts that cloud your judgment.

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